Schneiders Quer AG
Speerstrasse 15
8330 Pfäffikon ZH
Telefon 044 952 16 16

Check-in Times:
16.00 – 22.00 Uhr
06.00 – 11.00 Uhr
365 Tage im Jahr
We are pleased with every entry into our Guest Registry.  We only ask you to be aware of the following rules:
  1. You (and not the hotel) are responsible for your statements and entries into the Registry.
  2. Entries which are legally punishable, dangerous to children or youths, or otherwise against civil laws (damaging to marriages, hurtful to others, threatening, obscene, racist statements, etc.) or links to such, shall not be accepted and shall not be entered.
  3. With your entry into the Guest Registry, you acknowledge these rules.
    Entries which do not follow these rules shall be remove!

Please use good taste, common sense and discretion with all your entries.
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Tuesday, 09-10-12 11:24

We had a great time @ Quers! It's a perfect concept. We like it and we only can recommend it!



Tuesday, 13-09-11 15:27

Excellent wines, friendly service, great choice of food. We really enjoyed to stay with you guys! Thank you very much.


Mike from Tschugg

Thursday, 12-08-10 10:26

@ Schneiders Quer AG it's just great! Food, Drinks, Hotel and Service. I will come back soon - for sure! Thank you guys and best regards


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